Panoramic viewpoints

The magnificent view of the Lake Maggiore basin can be admired from anywhere on the mountain, but the best places from which to admire the view are definitely the scenic promontory at Cardada and the geological observatory at Cimetta. The scenic promontory is a footbridge that winds its way across the tops of the trees of the woods below. It ends with a platform suspended in mid-air, displaying a 180 degree window on the unforgettable views of Lake Maggiore, the Centovalli and part of the Maggia Valley. The geological observatory is situated on the highest point of Cimetta and offers a 360 degree panorama of the whole region and the surrounding mountains. The Insubric Line or the fault line along which the Alpine chain separates into its Northern and Southern sections, can be seen from here. The Alpine Chain which crosses much of Switzerland was formed millions of years ago following a collision between the European Continental Plate and the African Plate. Information signs explain the characteristics of this line and the types of rocks that are found in the two different plates. From this privileged location at Cimetta you can observe the Alps in all their splendour and appreciate just how they were formed.