Family & Fun

Cardada is the ideal place to spend moments of fun outdoors, surrounded by a magnificent landscape full of new things to discover. Take your children along the play path, where they can try their hand at original, educational and above all fun games scattered along a 1.2km path that crosses the shaded and soothing wood. Or relax while your children have fun playing on Noah’s Ark, on the playground under the chairlift departure, on the Swing the World swing, following the tactile plantar path, playing with the chessboard or with the giant tic-tac-toe, on the giant blue bench or wandering along the path solving our sweet mascot Squitty’s treasure hunt riddles.

When the mountain is covered in snow, the field in front of the chairlift departure in Cardada and the meadow below the Cimetta hut transform into sledge runs with gentle slopes suitable for little ones as well; a white winter is also a magical place to engage in amusing snowball fights.


Treasure Hunt 

Hi kids !

I’m Squitty the Squirrel. I was born and grew up in this lovely spot, and today I want to show you around.

If you follow the clues they will lead you on a fantastic journey all around this wonderful natural place. I will be using my magic wand to help you reach each stage of our special treasure hunt.

Noah’s Ark

Foot sole massage path

Just take off your shoes and walk barefoot along the path, whose surface is made up of various materials, to experience many unusual and particularly pleasant sensations. Walking barefoot is an activity that stimulates the nerve endings in your feet due to the contact with various surfaces, resulting in a sort of foot sole massage that will fill your entire body with a feeling of wellbeing.

The Coordinated Seesaw

Together with a friend, find the rhythm and ideal harmony on the coordinated seesaw. If you want to obtain the maximum effect with minimal effort, coordinate your movements with those of your companion on the seesaw.

The Sound Seesaw

Discover the basic rule and cause of the sounds produced by your movements when balancing on the seesaw. You will notice that there are indeed many different sounds.

The Parabolic Mirrors

Use the parabolas to find out about communication at a distance. The reaction of the sound on the surfaces is amplified, thereby creating the phenomenon of the echo. Listen carefully to what’s going on around you, and perhaps you will discover unexpected and unknown sounds.

The Communicating Columns

Use the columns to communicate with your friends, and marvel at the phenomenon of sound travel. Try to imitate the voices of the various inhabitants of the forest.

The Centrifugal Merry-go-round

Get on the merry-go-round and experience the centrifugal force. While turning in circles, observe what’s around you. You will notice that the speed has an effect on what you see and how you see it.

Chess and Tic-tac-toe

Enjoy the giant chess and play tic-tac-toe with your friends!

Big bench

From springtime 2019 the big blue bench flew from Locarno city to Cardada mountain!