The place to be

Cardada, with its 1'340 m a.s.l., offers an impressive view over the entire Locarno region:

from the “Piano di Magadino”, continuing along the delta of the Maggia river, up to where Lake Maggiore continues towards to the nearby Italy, shortly after the Brissago Islands. Going up to an altitude of 1’670 m a.s.l. you reach Cimetta, where the 360-degree view extends over the entire basin of Lake Maggiore and the surrounding Alps; from the top the view is absolutely unique, as it allows you to observe the lowest point in Switzerland, that is the delta of the Maggia river between Ascona and Locarno and the highest point, Dufourspitze (the highest peak of Monte Rosa), which stands out between the imposing alpine chain to the west of the horizon.

In winter, when particular weather conditions occur, a fascinating sea of fog covers the entire Lake Maggiore basin. In Cardada and Cimetta a spectacle of nature allows you to imagine what the region must have looked like during the last ice age.

This introduction explains the slogan THE PLACE TO BE: Cardada Cimetta is the ideal place to visit in all seasons and for anyone: young and old, families, sportsmen, lovers of nature and good food!