The chairlift was inaugurated in 1954. The facility has 32 two-seater side-seat chairs that allow you to enjoy a wonderful unobstructed panorama during the journey. It takes only 7 minutes to reach Cimetta at 1670 m a.s.l. from Cardada and the facility is suited for disabled but not for people in wheelchairs or unable to walk. Each two-seater has a maximum load of 160 kg.
During the regular inspections in November-December 2021, the modernization of the technical and electrical system was carried out and the departure station has been renovated.

Special feature

the only chairlift in Switzerland with side seat for an unobstructed view!
Each year the chairlift is closed for approx. 6-8 weeks for the usual inspections subjected by the manufacturer’s guidelines and to comply with the regulations and laws in force for ropeway transport in Switzerland.