Cable Car

The ultra-modern cable car was inaugurated in June 2000! It was conceived by the well-known Ticino architect Mario Botta, who took care of the singular cabins’ design with the characteristic rain-drop shaped arm which, thanks to the light steel and glass structure, allows you to enjoy a wonderful panorama during the journey. Reaching Cardada is therefore pleasant and very comfortable: the departure station can be reached in a few minutes from the city with the Locarno-Orselina funicular or with bus No.3. The lift facilities consist of two large cabins for up to 40 people, which in just 5 minutes take you from the 395 m a.s.l. of Orselina to the 1’340 m a.s.l. of Cardada and vice-versa. The facility boasts two singular departure and arrival stations, also designed by the architect Botta with the idea of creating a lantern shape; moreover, they have been designed to be easily accessible for elderlies, disabled or in wheelchairs and families with pushchairs.

Special feature

Cardada’s cable car cabins are unique in their kind and in addition to boasting the most modern technical-electrical system in Switzerland, they run on double cables to ensure very high safety standard and excellent stability in case of wind. The cabins are monitored from the Control Room with a state-of the-art digital system!

Each year the cable car is closed for approx. 6-8 weeks for the usual inspections subjected by the manufacturer’s guidelines and to comply with the regulations and laws in force for ropeway transport in Switzerland