Mountain Lake Alpe Cardada

The Alpe Cardada lake was conceived in 2008 and finally realised in 2022 to ensure better protection of the forests in the fight against forest fires. Its main function is as a reservoir for refuelling helicopters at altitude. The small lake has a water reserve of over 2000 m3.

The strategic position is justified by the high risk of forest fires that characterise the entire sunny side of the Locarno region. During the last century more than 200 events were registered, some of which with great expanse and destructive character. The Executing Partner is Cardada Impianti Turistici SA.

The project was supported by the Cantonal Forestry Department and developed by Dionea SA, Attention was paid to a successful combination of optimal functionality of the pond on the one hand and enhancement of the landscape while retaining its natural characteristics on the other.

The solidified soil dam was built by the General Construction Company Ennio Ferrari SA in 2022 by moving over 5000 m3 of materials on site. The bottom is waterproofed with a layer of high-density polyethylene, and the water supply is ensured by rainwater, runoff and the contribution of the Trosa and Veroniche springs.