Swing the world

The project of two young locals who install handmade swings in the picturesque viewpoints to be shared!
Riding a swing that swings you over breathtaking views, surrounded by nature, kissed by the sun or enjoying a sunset or more simply the company of some friends. Memories that stay inside you and you’ll remember with pleasure, especially if you have captured them.

From summer 2020 to spring 2022 Swing The World has also found a spot in Cardada, a perfect setting framed with the cable car cabin and the Grand Tour of Switzerland’s spot, all this with the incomparable background of Lake Maggiore and the surrounding valleys.

Since spring 2022 the well-known swing has moved to Cimetta, offering a unique background.

Go up to Cimetta, try it and share your shots and videos with your friends #cadadacimetta!