Panoramic Viewpoints

Panoramic walkway

designed by landscape architect Marco Bürgi, the promontory is a granite paved path that heads into the treetops of the below woods and ends on a suspended viewing platform that projects you in a 180 ° panorama, offering an unforgettable view of Lake Maggiore, the Centovalli and part of the Maggia Valley.

Grand Tour of Switzerland

since 2018 Cardada as well boasts a red frame of the well-known spots of the Swiss circuit.

Mountain restaurants

all 5 restaurants in Cardada Cimetta enjoy a terrace overlooking the extensive panorama of the entire region, offering a 180 ° view.

Croce Alpe Cardada

climbing the promontory overlooking Capanna Lo Stallone, at 1’460 m you reach the imposing Croce di Cardada, an historical symbol of Alpe Cardada, from which you can enjoy an extended view which in clear days guarantees a sight at the Valais Alps as well. This work has been made in iron and stone in 1901!

Geological observatory

the geological observatory platform was built on Cimetta’s highest point, from which you can enjoy a 360 ° view over the whole region and the surrounding mountains. This viewpoint gives you the possibility to scrutinize the Insubric line, that is the fault along which the Alpine chain splits into the northern and southern part. The Alpine chain crossing most of Switzerland was formed millions of years ago, following the collision of the European continental plate with the African one.
The information boards explain this line’s characteristics and the types of rocks that can be found in the two different plates. In Cimetta you can therefore observe the Alps in all their grandeur from a privileged point and understand how they were formed.